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   Athens - acropolis
“The Akropolis” is often considered the name of the famous temple for Athena; in fact, it is the name for a high (acro) fort (polis), which was a traditional element of almost every Greek city. On top of and around the Acropolis of Athens five “buildings” have been preserved:

                    1) The Propylaea (The monumental entrance)
                    2) The Parthenon, the temple for Athena Parthenos
                    3) The Nikè - temple.
                    4) The Erechtheion
                    5) The Peripatos

The Acroplolis and its surroundings.

1. Ergasterion; 2. Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus; 3. temple of Roma and Augustus; 4. Parthenon; 5. altar of Athena; 6. Erechtheion; 7. Pandroseion; 8. House of the Arrephoroi; 9. Athena Promachos; 10. Chalcotheke; 11. Artemis Brauronia; 12. Propylaea; 13. temple of Athena Nike; 14. monument of Agrippa; 15. Beulé-gate; 16. Panathenaic-way; 17. Klepsydra; 18. Apollo Hup’ Akraiais; 19. Cave of Pan; 20. Mycenaean staircase; 21. Sanctuary of Eros and Aphrodite; 22. Peripatos-inscription; 23. Odeion of Pericles; 24. Temple of Dionysos; 25. Theatre of Dionysos; 26. Thrasyllos-monument; 27. Nicias-monument; 28. Stoa of Eumenes; 29. Asclepieion; 30. Ionic Stoa; 31. Odeion of Herodes Atticus; 32. Sanctuary of the nymfs.

Map after J. Travlos, Athene

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