Pausanias Project
The ancient remains of the once famous city of Thebes are scarce and spread out over the whole of the modern city. In antiquity Thebes played an important role especially during the Mycenaean period (with its mythical King Oedipous), in the classical and post-classical period as an ally and rival of Sparta and during its short period of absolute power under Epameinondas. The great archaeological museum has been closed for renovation for many years and will remain so until at least 2015. A visit to the city is only recommended for the die-hards who want to see all of classical Greece.

Photo’s: above the hill with the sanctuary of Apollo Ismenios; to the right the Byzantine tower close to the archaeological museum and the Kadmeia (the Mycenaean palace). Below: a Mycenaean chambertomb and the remains of the Electra-gate.

Visitors to Thebes might consider visiting the sanctuary of the Kabiroi , although due to fire-damage there are no longer signs to show the way. It is therefore necessary to ask the population about its whereabouts.